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Benefits Of Staying In A Suite-Style Hotel During A Family Vacation

by Jordan Marshall

When you're getting ready to take your family on a vacation and are researching hotels, you might automatically gravitate toward motels that are situated close to the highway or to the tourist attractions you wish to visit. However, it can be worthwhile to also consider spending a little bit more to book your accommodations in a hotel that offers family suites. Doing so, regardless of the size and makeup of your family, can prove advantageous for a number of reasons beyond the simple fact of providing more space for everyone. Here are some benefits to consider before you book.

Access To Laundry Facilities

Many hotels that provide family suites count on their guests staying for several days, which means that laundry facilities are available on the ground floor of the hotel. This is an ideal perk if you're visiting as a family. With children, it can be easy for clothing to get dirty during the trip and the last thing you want to do on a vacation is find a laundromat in the city you're visiting. By staying in a hotel with family suites, you'll be able to clean any dirty clothing or simply dry bathing suits instead of having to pack them into your suitcase while wet.

Availability Of Athletic Activities

It's relatively common for hotels with family suites to have on-site athletic activities. While many hotels have indoor or outdoor swimming pools, suite-style hotels will often have other amenities, including a basketball court, tennis court and more. It's often free to borrow balls and other sporting equipment from the hotel, which means that you and your children can enjoy some sports at no cost and with the convenience of staying on the hotel property. For older kids, you can feel comfortable sending them to play these sports while you and your spouse do some shopping or visit an attraction that your kids aren't interested in.

Access To On-Site Kitchen

Family suites often have kitchen facilities in the rooms — including a fridge, stove, microwave and even a dishwasher — which can be ideal in a number of different ways. If you're traveling on a budget, it's often far cheaper to buy some food at the supermarket and cook it in your hotel suite instead of dine out at a restaurant. Additionally, if one of your child has food allergies, it's easier to control what he or she eats by preparing all the food yourself.