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On The Road And On Your Own -- 6 Tips For Saving Money When Traveling Solo

by Jordan Marshall

Traveling by yourself can be a great way to discover new things about yourself, meet new people and see a location you're really interested in. But it can be a more expensive way to travel because you lack anyone to share expenses. There are still some things you can do as a solo traveler to reduce those costs. Here are 6 tips to get you where you want to go.

Negotiate the Single Supplement. The dreaded "single supplement" is an extra charge many cruises, resorts, hotels or travel companies add on to a solo traveler's bill as compensation for the lack of a partner's booking. If you're being asked to pay a supplement, try requesting it be waived. This tip can be especially successful in the off season or if booking at the last minute -- all times when the hotel or company may be eager to fill unused rooms. 

Go All-Inclusive. Single travelers can bust their budgets paying for things that are priced or designed for two or more people traveling together. You may be able to avoid some such costs by booking packages or all-inclusive deals. A package offer at your hotel or resort may include such things as airport transportation, meals, special offers on entertainment or nightly drinks. 

Rack Up Rewards. Rewards points can be the cheapest way to pay for extra fees you can't negotiate your way out of. There are many ways to accumulate rewards points throughout the year on both branded programs or general points programs (such as many credit cards). If your points don't apply to the hotel, resort or cruise you want to take, try cashing them out or purchasing gift cards that can be used instead. 

Be Loyal. Loyalty programs vary, but they can be helpful for single travelers looking for deals. Follow your favorite travel companies on social media to be notified of members-only or flash sales. By building up loyalty points, you may also be able to take advantage of clubs and cost savers like free hotel amenities, shuttles or meals. 

Try Being Matched Up. Recognizing that single travelers are an underserved market, some travel companies offer services to help you find someone to share your room. These "match-up" services generally offer to find someone of the same gender and may even try to find a partner with similar personalities. While not everyone wants to share their space with a stranger, it may be a great way to meet a new friend for life (and someone who likes to travel!). 

Try Different Times. Knowing when certain things are more popular and less popular gives you the chance to save money by doing them at other times. Many restaurants offer better prices on the same food earlier in the day, and museums may have discounted tickets for later in the day. Avoid certain hours or days on popular tourist adventures as well. For example, you can enjoy Venice by gondola for much less money if you avoid the sunset hour. A little research on your intended activities can give you an idea when is a good time to save on each. 

Don't let the idea or cost of traveling by yourself keep you at home. By trying one or more of these tips, you can have a successful, enjoyable and rewarding trip all by yourself. For more information on planning a vacation, contact a place like The Breakers Hotel.