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4 Benefits of Staying in a Bed & Breakfast

by Jordan Marshall

Bed and breakfasts are small, usually locally owned, lodging establishment that typically offers you a place to sleep as well as a breakfast in the morning. However, there are more benefits to a bed and breakfast than just a comfy bed to rest your head and a delicious breakfast. You should know a few of the benefits that you get when staying at a bed and breakfast. 

Less Guests 

When you stay at a hotel, you are staying with hundreds of other people in a large, impersonal space. The large amount of guests means that less attention is paid to you, overall. At bed and breakfasts, due to their sizes, the amount of guests is always on the low end. Bed and breakfasts also tend to lodge less families and more couples, which means you won't have to worry about your vacation being ruined by screaming children.

High Level of Service

Due to the low amount of guests at a bed and breakfast, the level of service is much higher than at a standard hotel. Usually at a bed and breakfast the owner of the bed and breakfast will also serve as your personal concierge. Usually each bed and breakfast owner will be sure to include a large amount of personal touches, and they have more incentive to ensure that you always have a high level of service. 

More Unique Experience

Bed and breakfasts can be located anywhere, unlike hotels that are normally in the middle of a busy city. This means that your bed and breakfast location will expose you to areas of the place you are staying that you might otherwise never experience. On top of that, each bed and breakfast owner will have their own personal touch on each bed and breakfast. 

Extra Activities 

Many times, when you stay at a bed and breakfast you also have the opportunity to sign up for a number of different activities provided by the place you are staying. These activities can include, day hikes, horse back riding, crafts, boating and much more. These activities are often included in the price of your stay, meaning you will have plenty to keep you occupied without paying more. 

There are many benefits to staying in a bed and breakfast, so the next time you plan a trip, think about booking a stay at one of the many different bed and breakfasts in the US instead of opting for a hotel room. Contact services like Square Inn to start comparing your options.