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Consider These Breaktime Activities For Your Next Conference Event

by Jordan Marshall

Having your next work conference take place in the meeting room at a hotel like Clarion Hotel - Seattle International Airport provides a wide-ranging number of conveniences, especially if some of the attendees will be traveling to attend your event. While it's important to work carefully with the hotel conference staff to make sure all your needs (catering, AV and more) are met, it's also a good idea to talk to them about some activities that your group can perform when on break. Regardless of the nature of the conference, it's ideal to be able to shift gears a little and let the group get away from the conference tables for a short time. Here are some ideas to pursue.

Basketball Shootout

Many hotels that have conference rooms are equipped with a wide range of amenities, including sports facilities. If there's a basketball court adjacent to the hotel, it's easy to have the hotel staff help you arrange a basketball shootout competition to help the conference attendees blow off a little steam. Whether you have this activity midway through the afternoon or you choose to have it at the end of the day, the hotel staff can equip you with basketballs and the attendees can challenge each other from the free-throw line. Get creative by introducing prizes for the winners.

Golf Putting

It's also true that many hotel/conference centers are located adjacent to a golf course, given that popularity of golf among the business crowd. Not everyone in your group will enjoy golf, but most people can get behind the idea of putting. Have a putting competition on the golf course's putting practice area; you can even set up some obstacles to make the game more like a game of mini-putt than an actual golf game. Borrow some clubs and balls from the golf course pro shop and you'll be ready to go.

Scavenger Hunt

Given that not everyone in the group will be athletically inclined, a scavenger hunt is something that can keep people engaged on their break. Consider pairing the group into teams of two of three; this is especially useful if the group doesn't know each other well. You can then put together a checklist of objects throughout the hotel and the grounds that the participants have to find and check off. Include things indoors and outdoors, as well as in various sections of the hotel — the goal here is to get the participants moving to counteract all the sitting they've been doing at the conference.