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Three Reasons Why Its Worth The Extra Money To Stay On The Beach

by Jordan Marshall

If you are going on a vacation on the coast, you will find that there are hotels in different price ranges. The closer you get to the beach, the more expensive the hotels are likely to be. If you want to plan a vacation on the beach, it can be a good idea to splurge on the places to stay in the beach town that are nearest to the water. Here are three reasons why it is worth the extra money to book accommodations on the beach. 

Romance is fast, easy, and inexpensive

A night walk with your significant other is something free that you can do at the beach. You can also pack a lunch of sandwiches, chips, and sparkling grape juice to enjoy a romantic night out. By being located near the beach, you do not have to preplan this event, and if it starts to get too cold or windy, you can head back to your room that is nearby. Spending a little extra each night for the room will allow romance to flow more freely. 

Save on the car cleaning

One of the worst chores is getting sand and saltwater out of the seats of the car after coming in from the beach. If you have to drive to get to the beach, you will inevitably get sand inside of your car and your car will need a deep cleaning when you get back home. If you drove to the vacation area, it can also be uncomfortable driving back on seats that still have sand and water on them. To combat this issue as a family, select a hotel that is within walking distance from the water. This way you can enjoy the shore and bring the memories back, not the sand. 

It's cooler near the shore

Beach vacations can be hot, especially during the summer. If you stay close to the shore, you will have to do less ducking and dodging the heat. Being near the water means that you will catch the mist from the breeze and the air will be cooler. This can allow any family members that are sensitive to the heat to remain outside and have fun longer during a vacation. Remember to bring a light jacket at night, because many beach towns can be cool after sundown, even during the summer. Being comfortable is an integral part to enjoying a vacation, so staying by the beach can help with the long summer days and nights. 

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