Learning About Hotels and Lodging

Why An Extended Stay Hotel Can Be A Good Choice In Transitional Lodging

by Jordan Marshall

If you need to move out of your home or apartment and you can't find a new place to live, then moving into an extended stay hotel could be a short-term solution. You'll have a safe place to sleep complete with amenities such as a pool and restaurant depending on the hotel you choose. Here's why extended stay hotel rooms are a good choice.

You Have All You Need

Your hotel provides everything you need to live comfortably while you look for a new permanent home. You'll have a kitchenette, private bathroom, television, internet, and bed. It's similar to living in a studio apartment. If you want to pay more, you can upgrade to a suite and have a living room and private bedroom for additional space.

You Can Find An Affordable Option

If moving into a new apartment is stalled because you don't have enough money for a down payment and utility deposits, then living in an extended stay hotel can help you save money. Some hotels have convenient plans that allow you to pay by the week as you get paid so you won't need a lot of money up front. The cost for a month at a hotel is less than what you'd pay for an apartment considering utilities and cable are included. Of course, if you are low on funds, you'll need to choose an economy hotel that won't bust your budget and that will allow you to save money for your new place.

Extended Stay Hotels Are In Convenient Locations

Extended stay hotels are usually in locations where people need longer stays and kitchenettes. This would include areas near universities, vacation attractions, and major employers. You may even find such a hotel in the heart of the city so it will be easy for you to occupy your time without having to drive long distances or spend a lot of money.

You're Not Locked Into A Lease

An extended stay hotel works just like any other hotel in that you don't have to commit to staying an entire month or for the long term. As soon as you find a new permanent place to live, you can move out of the hotel. This makes it easier to transition between living places since you won't have to worry about breaking a 30-day lease or losing a deposit by moving out early. However, if you pay for the room in advance on a weekly basis, be sure you understand the terms that apply if you move out before the week is up.

An extended stay hotel can be an ideal living situation for a single person or couple. If you'll be staying in an area for just a few months or if you need to cut corners to save money, then staying in the hotel rather than renting an apartment could be a smart move.