Learning About Hotels and Lodging

Insight For Planning Your Next Hotel Vacation Stay

by Jordan Marshall

It is essential that you take time to make the right travel plans so your upcoming vacation is successful and you don't end up disappointed. From booking your flights to selecting the right hotel to stay in each night, you have a lot of options and decisions to make your trip great. Here are some recommendations to help you with an upcoming hotel booking for your next vacation.

Look at Hotel Condition

When you are looking for a hotel to book for a vacation, you want a place that is comfortable, convenient, but also clean in its interior and the room in which you will be staying. A hotel that has a good clean standard is going to make your vacation better and a more positive experience, so look for some specific details to get a hotel that is clean. 

Look for hotels that have been built in the past one to two years. A hotel that is newer is going to be cleaner and have a better appearance with newer furnishings, carpeting, and decor. If you are unable to find a new hotel, as some areas are older and have a lot of existing hotels, look for a hotel that has been remodeled or updated recently. If you are not sure about a hotel's renovation history or when it was last updated, call in and talk to a member of the staff or management. Good quality hotels will regularly maintain their interiors with a renovation every so often to keep them looking nice and to attract a higher rate in their bookings.

Evaluate Location

Before you settle on a specific hotel to book for your stay, make sure to do some investigating in the hotel's location. Take a look at the hotel's location on a map of the city or area where you will be vacationing to. This will help you see where surrounding attractions, restaurants, and other services are in relation to the hotel. You can check the location of any nearby railroad tracks or freeway access to gauge the noise that may be present in the hotel from outside environments. 

The location of the room that you choose can also be an important detail. See if you can book a specific room in the hotel that may be quieter, or have a view of the sunrise or sunset, for example. Talk to the booking agent for a specific room assignment so you can, for example, request a room furthest from the elevators or stairs, or at the end of the hall for a more quiet stay.

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