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An All-Inclusive Wedding Package Can Be The More Affordable Option

by Jordan Marshall

You may be in the midst of planning your wedding. You are most likely finding out that having a wedding is pretty expensive depending on where you want to have it, the vendors you choose, and everything you want to include on your big day. A wedding day should be special and include your most important wants, for example, a beach wedding, or a formal sit-down dinner.

But, what if you have a smaller budget? Can you still have a beautiful wedding on a budget? Yes, you can. All-inclusive wedding packages can give you the wedding you want at a portion of the cost if you planned and booked everything yourself. Here are reasons why an all-inclusive wedding package can be the more affordable option. 

Everything You Need Is Included

You might think that all-inclusive packages only include essentials like the venue for the ceremony and reception, a basic dinner for a certain number of guests, and maybe some decorations. This isn't the case. In fact, many venues, including hotels and resorts, offer all-inclusive wedding packages that include much more than just the basics for one price.

These packages can include the venue for both the ceremony and the reception, sit-down or buffet-style dinners catered to how you want them, decorations, flowers, tables, and chairs. It can also include a DJ and dance floor, a photographer and videographer, and any extras you might like, such as a candy station, photo booth, and more.

If you have chosen a hotel or resort for your wedding, you will most likely get a discounted room for as long as you would like to stay as well. This is great if you want to have your honeymoon at that destination. The hotel will also give you discounted hotel rooms for your guests who may stay there as well.

They Are Customizable

You might think that because the wedding package is all-inclusive that you have to accept a standard, already-planned wedding, but this isn't the case. All-inclusive wedding packages are typically very customizable. You will be given several options for ceremony arrangements, reception decor, dinner menus, and more. You can work with the venue's wedding planner or coordinator to design the wedding of your dreams that sticks within your laid-out budget.

You will also find that beyond what is included in the all-inclusive package, the venue or hotel will offer add-ons to customize your wedding even more. You can pick and choose what works for your vision of your wedding or leave them off if they don't fit your budget. 

Contact a local wedding venue to learn more about all-inclusive wedding packages