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A Reel Good Time: Three Tips For Beginners To Fishing

by Jordan Marshall

Ready to head to the waters and fish for the first time? If you're new to the world of fishing, you might feel a little lost on what exactly needs to be done to prepare for your trip. But rest easy and know that through resources such as guides, excellent packing techniques, and the availability of private lodges, you'll be fishing in no time. Read on for three ways you can make your upcoming fishing trip a hit!

Planning Ahead 

If this is your first time on a fishing excursion, you'll want to plan a few things ahead of time to ensure your trip is a complete success. Booking a private fishing lodge is a fantastic way for those new to the fishing world to fully experience this process while having guidance and support nearby the entire time. You'll not only stay in a comfortable private lodge, but you'll also have plenty of access to all the fishing you desire. Bringing along a friend who is an experienced fisher is another great way to go about your first trip. Otherwise, taking on the services of a qualified guide will more than prepare you for what you need to know. 

Pack Properly

Not only will you need to pack the appropriate clothing for fishing, but remember that you'll want to pack according to the elements. This means plenty of layers and warmth in the colder half of the year and breezy, lightweight clothing in the warmer half. Nothing will prove more difficult when fishing than standing around in clothing that is uncomfortable so play it safe and pack according to what will keep you warm or cool enough. Also, be considerate of dealing with bugs when you pack for your trip. Pesky mosquitos or flies can easily ruin a fishing trip, after all! But being smart about packing plenty of bug spray will help minimize your exposure to these pests, allowing you to focus on your fishing instead. 

Leave an Appropriate Tip for Your Guide

If using a fishing guide on your trip, you'll want to thank them appropriately for their services. Tipping a decent amount is considered the best way to thank your guide for their time and energy in providing their services to you during your trip. A tip of about 20% is considered appropriate for most standards, but feel free to use your judgment on this. A guide who has gone out of their way to help you and ensure that you are completely knowledgeable and comfortable during your fishing excursion would certainly benefit from a fairly larger tip. If you are unsure as to how much to tip, consider the quality of assistance and service you received. Time taken to guarantee you feel up-to-speed with the fishing process, for example, would definitely be a great factor to consider when leaving a tip.